Hi Girls,

My name is Kay. Sorry for fishing your attention with my provocative title. But if I used “A lovely letter from Kay” or something like that, I am sure you would never ever read my letter. Anyway, you already come here so, I humbly ask you to bear with me for the next 5 minutes.

I am a co-founder of this cute K beauty online shop as well as a normal girl living in Seoul who loves beauty and fashion. The real title of this letter is “Why do I start the cosmetic online shop?” The reason is simple. In this world, there is no online shop that I am 100% happy with. I have sensitive skin so have to be really careful of choosing cosmetics otherwise the reservation with my dermatologist is the next step.

About a year ago, I have suffered from a serious breakout. At that time, I didn’t try a new skincare product but used the regular one that I kept using for a couple of years. The only difference was the expiration date. For whatever reason, my online seller sent me a moisturizing cream that already have been around over 2 years after production (Normally the expiration date of skincare products is 3 years). When I tried this old cream first time, the smell was somewhat strange and I didn’t feel right. But legally this cream still had 1 year to be expired.

After this horrible experience, I got obsessed with the skincare product fresh out of production. But the problem is the online shops don’t publish the expiration date on their website. So whenever I buy cosmetics, I have to call them up to ask the expiration date, which is really an unproductive and frustrating job.

Moreover, I was told that the wholesale price of old cosmetics near the expiration date is cheaper than the new one. If a retail seller is greedy enough not to care about customer’s well-being, trading old cosmetics is the best option to maximize her or his profit. From the customer’s point of view, I think the expiration date is the key information to measure the freshness of cosmetics, therefore should be easily accessed by customers. You can see the expiration date of all the cosmetics in our online shop.

My second complaint is too many cosmetics along with too much information. If you visit a decent online cosmetic shop and start to scroll down the product page, you would be surprised the scrolling down never ends. Personally, I have no problem spending some time looking around to check “what’s new”. It’s fun. But again there are too many cosmetics out there. If you still don’t know what to buy after several hours of eye shopping, this is not fun anymore. The situation becomes even worse when the advertisement comes into play. When I read their advertisements full of great images and marketing contents, I feel like their cosmetics would make me “Cleopatra” soon. But does it really happen to me?

As a customer, I always hoped somebody would do the groundwork to create a list of good cosmetics by a strictly objective standard. Now I am a seller. So I want to become a diligent ground-worker for your healthy shopping. The “fact” is our standard of selection. We collect global review data across different continents and provide you with a summary. Furthermore, we check out all the ingredients of each cosmetic and summarize harmful or comedogenic (acne- prone) ingredients. Of course, you can see all the data on our website. Lastly we only sell the cosmetics to pass our criteria set by the analysis of review and ingredient data.

In the end, the whole motivation is “I want to create the online shop where I want to do cosmetic shopping”. I hope you feel the same way when you visit my shop. So if there is anything that you don’t like about my shop, please please let me know through the email or chatting window. I will definitely follow up and do my best to reflect your opinion into the shop management. Now I think I already spend your 5 minutes and feel your patience is almost exhausted. See ya.

Stay beautiful,