1. Freshness

Cosmetics are not regular industrial products. Like food, they are perishable with the expiration date. Moreover they are directly applied to your naked skin and even stay there for a quite some time. D o you want to drink the orange juice fresh out of a squeezing machine today or the one stored in the refrigerator over several months? You don’t even need 1 second to figure out the right answer. Cosmetics are more sensitive to heat and light than you think. The longer time a cosmetic product stays around after production, the more likely it gets exposed to the wrong environments. Who knows what happens during the long storage time? When you buy a cosmetic product with the tight expiration date and feel the smell is somewhat strange, there is a chance that your product could go bad already.

We want you to enjoy the full benefit of K beauty. So, delivering a fresh product is our top priority. We clearly state the expiration date for all our products right below the price and try our best to source the products fresh out of the manufacturer. Why don’t you go to our product selling pages and check out the freshness now?

2. Safety

What is your most serious concern when you buy a skincare product? We know it must be “BREAKOUT” . Even if your newly buying skincare product is not as effective as you expected or there is no improvement for your skin at all, what you lose is at most 20 or 30 dollars and that’s it. But if the breakout happens, it would be a completely different story. You may have to cancel your girl’s night-out or even have to go to a dermatologist if the breakout gets more serious. Basically, it skews up your precious daily life.

As a responsible seller, we want to help you to address this issue even before you buy and test our cosmetic product. So, we analyze all ingredients of our all products to measure how likely an individual ingredient becomes a trouble maker by EWG and the comedogenic scales as well as K clean beauty data. You can see this valuable information on each product page.

3. Effectiveness

Even though your maximum loss is 20 or 30 dollars when a cosmetic product doesn’t improve your skin, the loss is loss. It is your hard-earned money. In order to give you the objective, accurate but simple guidance for the effectiveness of our skincare product, we provide the global rating score by analyzing the review statistics from multiple major K beauty online shops across different continents. It is a simple fact that the number from larger population is more scientifically credible than smaller one. The review data is more than just what consumers think about a certain product. It is a sort of the result from a voluntary biological experiment which cosmetic manufacturers can’t dare to conduct on their own cost.

Now data is here and there all around the world. For your healthy buying decision, we are diligently collecting and summarizing this invaluable information. Why don’t you check this global review summary of the product that you are interested in. You may be surprised at the number of reviews on a global basis.